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To current day our team is the strongest in the game SWAT4. Unlike other clans and players we play fair always!

1. Play fair!
2. Using bugs/glitchs disallowed!
3. Camping disallowed!
4. Drop arrest (disconnecting while arresting) disallowed!
5. Drop arrest will be counted, if player was naded/tased bofore arresting.
6. Spawn kill/arrest allowed only after 3 seconds after respawn!
7. Do not run vote to kick/change map/game type too often!

8. Do not kill/nade/tase etc. team mates!
9. Do not steal arrests!
10. Do not spam/flood server!

11. Using other player's nicknames disallowed!
12. Using UnsE| tag does not being in clan disallowed!
13. Inappropriate behavior is punishable ban/kick/view/mute etc. (at the discretion of the admin)!

14. For repeated failure to comply with the requirements of the admin player can be banned!
15. Arresting AFK player disallowed!
If you have questions write to our Discord.

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New gametypes of SWAT 4 on UnsE server

(Admin Mod by Greeb)

=> Game mode Arrest And Rescue:
Objective: arrest all enemy team.
Killing arrested players disallowed!

=> Game mode Only 1 Live:
Objective: kill/arrest all enemy team in the allotted time.
If a player is killed or arrested, he watches the surviving team mates until the end of the round..

=> Game mode Rapid Deployment:
Objective of swat: defuse all bombs.
Objective of suspects: dont give defuse bombs.
The Suspects mined the building! You have only 2.5 minutes to defuse all bombs. Hurry up!

=> Game mode ViP Escort:
Objective of team with ViP: bring the ViP person to the evacuation point.
Objective enemy of ViP team: catch the VIP and hold for 2 minutes and then kill.

=> Game mode Free For All:
Objective: score as many points as possible by killing everyone.
Your teammated are your enemies!

=> Game mode Capture The Flag:
Objective of suspects: pick up the flag from the special forces and bring to the exit point.
Objective of swat: prevent criminals from carrying the flag.

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